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Article: Can I get prescription lenses on my sunglasses

Can I get prescription lenses on my sunglasses

Can I get prescription lenses on my sunglasses

Do you know you can also buy sunglasses with prescription lenses? 


Most people who wear glasses often experience discomfort with sunny weather. This problem is especially true for people who drive a car or spend a lot of time outdoors.

An excellent summer solution for people with poor eyesight will be sunglasses with prescription lenses. These are glasses two in one: glasses for vision and sunglasses at the same time. In addition to providing a comfortable stay in the blinding sun, such glasses protect against harmful UV radiation and have some other advantages.

 Most sunglasses can be fitted with your prescription lenses, or you can fit existing prescription lenses into your sunglasses to give them the corrective properties you need. Prescription sunglasses are all about protecting your eyes from the sun and allowing you to see clearly. They are designed specifically for you, taking into account the peculiarities of your vision. 


What do prescription sunglasses look like? 

Everyone wants to look beautiful, and many people who wear glasses often dream of fashionable sunglasses that they cannot wear due to poor eyesight. Luckily, prescription sunglasses look no different than regular sunglasses. You can choose both branded ready-made sunglasses and change the lens in them, or complement the usual frame with dark lenses. Modern technologies allow you to choose almost any frame you like in shape if the material of the frame and the recipe allow you to insert lenses into it.

What lenses can be inserted into sunglasses for vision?

When choosing lenses for sunglasses, you need to be very careful.


What should you pay attention to when it comes to sun lenses?

1. Lens material. Today, leading manufacturers make lenses from polymeric materials, i.e. plastic. These lenses are lighter, more practical, and safer. 

2. UV protection. It’s very important to understand that the sun protection lens must have a filter that blocks harmful UV radiation.

3. Coloring and color. There are two fundamentally different types of eyeglass lenses.


To order sunglasses with prescription lenses, you need:

1. Enter your prescription

2. Select lens types

3. Select lens materials

4. Select lens coating

5. Choose additional lens coating

6. Choose your frame (brand & model)

7. Receive and like


At Ossa Frames, putting prescription lenses in sunglasses is simple — so you will not only look great and protect your eyes from the sun, but you will see clearly, too!


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